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Located in the continent of Africa, Cameroon covers 472,710 square kilometers of land and 2,730 square kilometers of water, making it the 54th largest nation in the world with a total area of 475,440 square kilometers. The population of Cameroon is 20,129,878 (2012) and the nation has a density of 43 people per square kilometer. The currency of Cameroon is the CFA Franc BEAC (XAF). As well, the people of Cameroon are refered to as Cameroonian. The dialing code for the country is 237 and the top level internet domain for Cameroonian sites is .cm. its official languages is English and French. Cameroon shares land borders with 6 countries: Congo, Chad, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria.

Global Work Contractors is a private company with a share capital of 500 million CFA. It is an industrial and comercial company with legal personality and financial autonomy created in cameroon with objective to promote and give value to the national Water, Energy and Oil and Gas sectors.

At Global Work Contractors we are getting into a new venture on Global Investment. Being the current market leader we feel this is the best time to indulge in new ventures. It is with immense pleasure that we invite you to be a part of this venture by investing in our new venture.

With our new venture on Global Investment we aim to provide the customers exacting specifications specifically tailored to our market needs. We hope to tackle the issue of Oil Drilling and management, Quality of water, loss of water,propose an integrated system for water management, water extension solutions, Energy production and storage with our initiative. We have on board people who have years of experience in the field. We have also hired a bunch of freshers who seem very passionate about this venture. Return on Investment (ROI) is guaranteed working with us.

Investing with us will only help you grow both regarding reputation and financial aspects. More details will be available upon request.

Sectors Of Investment

Oil & Gas

Concerning the oil and gaz sector of Cameroon economy, only part of it has been exploited which is in the South-West Region by the National Oil Refinary SONARA while the Bakassi peninsular is yet to be expoited.

The Cameroonian Government has adopted a new policy which is to include private investors in the exploitation of Oil and Gaz in order to boost the economy and to be able to supply the neigboring countries.

Cameroon’s proven petroleum reserves are estimated at 400 million barrels, it is the fifth largest producer of petroleum in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Oil production began in 1978 but fell steadily from its peak of 186,000 barrels a day in 1985 to about 62,000 barrels a day in 2012, although government has made exploitation of marginal oilfields more viable and new small fields have boosted production. Crude oil is, nevertheless, the largest foreign-currency earner and accounted for 45 per cent of export earnings in 2011.

Oil is found in the Rio del Rey basin, close to the Nigerian border, natural gas at Rio del Rey and in the basin extending to the south of Douala. Prospects for large offshore finds of oil and gas were dramatically improved in 2006 when Nigeria agreed that the Bakassi peninsula would be ceded to Cameroon.

It is in that aspect that Global Works is inviting you to partner with her in order to accomplish these objectives and challenges.


Global Work Contractors has the mission of managing assets and liabilities connected to public water supply in urban and suburban areas. As such, it is responsible for:

1. Planning, carrying out studies, project management, researching and managing funds for all infrastructure needed for the capture, production, transportation and storage, and the distribution of drinking water;

2. Building, providing maintenance and management of infrastructure, capturing, producing, storing and transporting potable water;

3. Making quality control of the operation of the drinking water service and other missions of the companies responsible for the operation of public water distribution;

4. Working in cooperation with other operating companies for information and awareness of users of drinking water and the water sanitation in urban and suburban areas;

and generally, all commercial, industrial real estate securities and financial transactions.


1. Satisfy the growth in electricity demand by supplying reliable and safe energy.

2. Provide quality service and facilitate access to electricity to the greatest number.

3. Protect the public through awareness campaigns on electricity-related risks.

4. Revitalize customer relations through innovations and positive experiences.

5. Constant quest for excellence by drawing lessons from our experiences.

6. Conduct our activities using a socially responsible approach.

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